The Cashless Welfare Card: A draconian smack

Written by Keith Davis

THERE is an anger in the welfare heartland. It is palpable. A consciousness is forming in the minds of welfare recipients that they are deliberately being forgotten, deliberately being demonised, and deliberately being punished for their disadvantage.


Current government welfare policies could well have been written by Marie Antoinette. Those policies say nothing less than ‘let the bastards eat cake’.


The Cashless Welfare Card, a draconian smack-down of the poor designed by a wealthy corporate conservative, represents no less than a further salvo in the Government’s vote-seeking war on the impoverished, the unemployed, and the disadvantaged.


Keeping Newstart well below the poverty line is not an accidental policy. It is a deliberate policy.
Despite the occasional nice word to the contrary … none of our major political parties have done anything of substance to raise Newstart to even at least the poverty level. They have no problem continually raising their own salaries light years above the poverty level.


Incentivising the poor, the unemployed, the sole parents, the disability recipients, and the young and the homeless back into work is the Government’s catch cry. That Government catch cry disregards the unarguable fact that the jobs are simply not out there for everybody.


Our welfare system is the end-game product of successive Australian Governments believing that the poor and the unemployed are fully responsible for their own disadvantage and that the solution to the problem is to herd them like animals into the bleak corrals of the JobActive Networks.


In an era where corruption and grazing of the public purse, runs rife at the highest levels in our society, our Government chooses to ignore the predations of the rich and, instead, chooses to further attack the poor and the unemployed.


We have reached an era where the Basic Income Guarantee (BIGA) needs to be implemented. We have reached an era where the tax-wasting Unemployment Industry needs to be dismantled. We have reached an era where the social welfare policies of this nation need to be leavened with empathy, with compassion, and with love for the plight of ones’ fellow man.


But our Government is an active impediment to any of these progressive policies seeing the light of day. And so the anger in the poverty heartland is growing.


The Antoinette Solution did not work. She demonised and vilified the poor and the disadvantaged, and she met a deserved end at their hands.


The current Government deserves no less a fate than that!

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