An incorporated website based arm of the broader March Australia movement, March Australia Activist Interchange provides an event calendar and information exchange for activist groups, organisations and individuals to share and cross-promote their events and activities.

Australia has long seen itself as the Land of the Fair Go and our core values are centered on social justice, equity and environmental protection. We care about our community, our nation, and every human who walks this land. This is what binds us. We work to ensure that the reality on the ground matches our reputation for equality and inclusion.

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Australia has lost its identity

The Australian cultural mindset has been eroded and is becoming predominately American. The size of the American population and its...

We Can Not Allow Free-Trade-Agreements Without Any Transparency

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) was conceived in 2003 as the Trans-Pacific Strategic Partnership Agreement TPSEP as a path to trade...

We Are All Connected – Loz Lawrey and Friends

In Praise Of Our ABC

In Praise Of Our ABC ABC radio grew my mind. I mean it. Each working day, throughout my career in...

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