Don’t Dump on SA: March in March Bloc

25/03/2017 @ 11:30 am – 2:00 pm
Victoria Square, Adelaide
Victoria Square
Grote St, Adelaide SA 5000



Right now, the Federal government is investigating building a dump in SA for Australia’s nuclear waste – near Hawker in the Flinders Ranges, or near Kimba on the Eyre Peninsula.

In addition to low level radioactive waste, the facility is planned to temporarily store “long-lived intermediate radioactive waste” which must be stored safely for thousands of years. There is no plan for permanent disposal.

We don’t want our state to become the nuclear waste dump state. After a massive national day of action against both the proposed international and national waste dumps on the anniversary of the Emu Field atomic bomb tests, join our bloc at March in March to once again stand together against the Australian Government’s plans to dump nuclear waste in SA.

We’ll be meeting in the Southern end of Victoria Square (Tarndanyangga) at 11.30 by the fountain to get ready with placards and costumes, before making our way over for the 12pm start of the march in the main part of the square. Event organisers anticipate the event finishing at 2 pm at Parliament House, at which point we might grab a drink at a nearby pub.

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