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We can learn from the asbestos scandal

By Mel Mac at Political Omniscience: Last week asbestos was found again in imported Chinese building materials, this time it was found at Perth Children’s Hospital (PCH) in the roof panels. In February this year news broke that more than 50 sites across Australia are suspected of illegal asbestos contamination. Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency
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Turnbull: The ballad of the small government and the big nothing

Jed Hutchinson discusses whether Malcolm Turnbull was the man to reverse the Liberal party’s fortunes after all. THE CONVENTIONAL wisdom regarding an unpopular leader being replaced is that the successful challenger will receive a “honeymoon” period of good polling for a brief period of time afterward. During this time, the incoming leader has a grace
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SHAFTING THE UNEMPLOYED: JobActive and the Training Industry

Written by Keith Davis I used to be a highly experienced Jobnetwork Case Manager and over the last decade I have experienced the joys of the Unemployment Industry from both sides of the desk. I have been a worker in the Industry, and a client of the Industry. In other words, I know what I
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Manufacturing is not dead, it’s just transitioning

By Mel Mac In recent days there has been much conjecture as to who let Arrium get into over $4bn worth of debt and the usual blame games and misinformation that is the state of our modern media. Our four largest banks have unsecured loans worth $1bn that are included in this total. Last week
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