SHAFTING THE UNEMPLOYED: JobActive and the Training Industry

Written by Keith Davis I used to be a highly experienced Jobnetwork Case Manager and over the last decade I have experienced the joys of the Unemployment Industry from both sides of the desk. I have been a worker in the Industry, and a client of the Industry. In other words, I know what I
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Manufacturing is not dead, it’s just transitioning

By Mel Mac In recent days there has been much conjecture as to who let Arrium get into over $4bn worth of debt and the usual blame games and misinformation that is the state of our modern media. Our four largest banks have unsecured loans worth $1bn that are included in this total. Last week
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The Cashless Welfare Card: A draconian smack

Written by Keith Davis   THERE is an anger in the welfare heartland. It is palpable. A consciousness is forming in the minds of welfare recipients that they are deliberately being forgotten, deliberately being demonised, and deliberately being punished for their disadvantage.   Current government welfare policies could well have been written by Marie Antoinette.
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Street Store

“A new kind of poster design is making people cry from happiness…”     More videos: Omeletocom Videos Video Source: Omeletocom

Kakadu to expand after ranger turns back on riches

“Northern Territory park ranger Jeffrey Lee is celebrating as the Federal Government moves to protect his land from uranium mining. For decades, Mr Lee, a traditional owner from the Djok clan who is the senior custodian of the land, had refused to allow the Koongarra uranium deposit to be mined.” “Today – this is the
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