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The March Australia movement – Evolution

March Australia volunteers advocate for social justice and equity in our communities. In January 2014, three months after the Abbott Coalition government came to power, March Australia was established as a grassroots social media-based people’s movement under the banner “The People United for Better Government” to protest the government’s socially regressive decisions and policies.

In March 2014 over 100,000 people took part in the March in March protest rallies in over thirty locations nationwide to voice their concerns.

Since then March Australia has developed as an alliance of people around the nation working to inform the public of government policies and decisions which affect Australia’s social cohesion and environmental integrity.

March Australia volunteers communicate with the public via regional March Australia Facebook pages to highlight issues affecting our inclusive, multicultural, tolerant and equitable community.

March Australia Activist Interchange (MAAI) Inc.

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An incorporated website-based arm of the broader March Australia movement, the Activist Interchange provides an event calendar and information exchange for activist groups, organisations and individuals to share and cross-promote their events and activities.

We aim to assist all groups and communities working to raise public awareness.

Our Core Values

Australia has long seen itself as the Land of the Fair Go and our core values are centred upon social justice, equity and environmental protection. We work to ensure that the reality on the ground matches our reputation for equality and inclusion.

We recognise that people make up the social fabric of our society and are not separate from it, so our shared goal is to help empower communities nationwide to live and work together sustainably.

We value fairness, honesty, openness, transparency, accountability and compassion in all areas of individual and communal life.

Our Team

MAAI is administered by a passionate team of volunteers.

We support the broader March Australia movement and all progressive organisations advocating for social justice and the welfare of our communities.

We are a small part of Team Humanity. Our Committee members are:

Public Officer: Candace Wirth

Secretary: Liz Tearii, assisted by Chip Eling

Treasurer: Chip Eling

President: Kathy Staltari

Media and Website: Kathy Staltari, Candace Wirth

Technical Assistant: Gerry Satrapa

Marketing and Public Relations:  Candace Wirth

Media, Blog Editor: Loz Lawrey

Research: Kathryn Wilkes, Kathy Staltari, Candace Wirth, Loz Lawrey, Margaret McMillan, Liz Tearii

Consultants: Margaret McMillan

Our Vision

The MAAI vision portrays Australia as a social democracy where all citizens enjoy social equity and inclusion, with:

  • equal access to livelihood, education and resources

  • full participation in the political and cultural life of our community

  • the ability of all to meet fundamental needs

Our Mission

We aim to achieve change for the better and fight social division by raising public awareness through advocacy and effective campaigning. Our members support and promote:

  • accountability and transparency in policy-making at all levels of government

  • the rights and entitlements of working Australians

  • the creation of jobs

  • access to healthcare and education

  • a social security safety net that properly supports those in need

  • the civil rights and liberties of all Australians and visitors to Australia

  • the humane treatment of refugee asylum seekers

  • maintaining and protecting our clean, healthy environment

  • ecologically sustainable management of our forests

  • independently monitored regulation of planned development

  • open and transparent processing of planning and development proposals

  • action to minimise climate change

  • renewable energy solutions

Our Work – What We Do

March Australia Activist Interchange Inc. is a form of online community notice board.

We work to fulfil our mission statement by operating a  website and Facebook page to:

  • bring activist organisations and individuals together to empower and support each other

  • share information which has value to activists and groups working for social change.

  • provide an event calendar for groups to share and cross-promote events and activities

  • operate a newsfeed and blog section providing media articles of relevance 

MAAI Organisation and Governance

The March Australia Activist Interchange (MAAI) is an incorporated community association, administered by a committee of volunteers.

The committee holds an annual general meeting and meets online at agreed times during the year.

MAAI operates within the guidelines set out in the NSW Fair Trading model constitution.


Accountability and Reporting

All financial transactions are overseen by our treasurer and audited by a qualified accountant.

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