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Australia has long seen itself as the Land of the Fair Go and our core values are centred on social justice, equity and environmental protection. We care about our community, our nation, and every human who walks this land. This is what binds us. We work to ensure that the reality on the ground matches our reputation for equality and inclusion.


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Thursday, February 27th, 2020 at 1:34am
“The overwhelming finding is that compulsory income management is having a disabling rather than enabling effect on the lives of many social security recipients,” Dr Michelle Peterie #notocashlessdebitcard #auspol
Wednesday, February 26th, 2020 at 11:42pm
"Analysts have called for Woolworths executives to resign after the supermarket giant revealed the cost of the underpayments scandal had blown out to $315 million." #wagetheft #auspol

The banks are getting ready to take over cashless debit card management – Part 2

By MelMac Politics  In 2013 former Prime Minister, Tony Abbott commissioned Andrew Forrest to do a review about Indigenous training and...

Climate Change Isn’t The Elephant In The Room… It’s Capitalism

By Loz Lawrey In the arena of our public debate, various loud quacking voices seem to have recently fallen silent....

The appalling leadership of Australia

By Keith Thomas Davis Perhaps, finally, we have hit the point in Australia where the attitudes of our past are...

The stitching-up of Julian Assange and Daniel Ellsberg

By Keith Thomas Davis So while we sit on our arses and fiddle with our fingers a brave son of Australia...

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